Date : April,2012
Category : Retail
Location : Harajuku Tokyu Plaza
Cooperation : Concept green,Gallup,Daiko electric co.,ltd.
Photo : Kozo Takayama

コスメのチークのように「表情を明るくする」「生活をカラフルに彩る」 20代~30代前半の女性に向けた大人のトレンドカジュアルを提案するブランド。

Casual fashion brand for women in their 20s to 30s. The concept behind the naming of the label "Cheek" is to brighten up your life just like make-up does to your face. 
For the shop design, we tried to give brand's West Coast taste with wooden louver in white weathered-like finish, coral limestone and ceiling fans. These bring in feeling of seaside as well as dry West Coast Summer atmosphere with strong lighting effects to the shop interior.