E hyphen world gallery BonBon

Date : May,2013
Category : Retail
Location : Harajuku Laforet
Cooperation : Amo , Bosco
Photo : Kozo Takayama


In Laforet, the landmark of Harajuku, Tokyo, a new shop of the E hyphen world gallery has been opened,in which the world view of AMO, the top fashion model of Zipper magazine, is materialized as a shop.
Things that are associated with the word bonbon.The shop's sweet facade reminds us of a sweet shop with chocolate and vanilla scents, and colorful confectioneries.Entering the shop, the interior decorations begin with an opulent classical cafe that has been clipped from a scene of a 70s French film. Then, her beloved cats' stories are graphically displayed on the walls. It continues to the back room, "My room", where her hidden motif of "angels", which appear in various parts of the shop, is spread about on the wallpaper. AMO's unique mixed style, which suggests an integration of rock and romance, is directly realized in this dreamlike space.