E hyphen world gallery

Date : June,2010
Category : Retail
Location : kagoshima Amu Plaza
Cooperation : Nagahisa Kenso,Daiko electric co.,Ltd.
Photo : Kozo Takayama

「ロンドン」をキーワードにスタートした、マニッシュなワークスタイルからガーリッシュなスタイルまで幅広いコーディネートを提案する「E hyphen world gallery」。

"E hyphen world gallery" first launched in 2000 with brand's concept being ' LONDON'. Its selection range from mannish to girlish style.
To revamp the original concept and move to a next stage, this shop was designed based on an idea of street markets like Portbello and Brick Lake in London. We intended to create a space that gives customers a fun shopping experience as you walk through mix and match of different stalls. Walls made of tiles, recycled wooden pallets and wired light bulbs on the ceiling evoking the London Tube map, all these render sense of street market in London and give playfulness to the space.