Date : October,2010
Category : Retail
Location : Aeon Mall Kisogawa Kirio
Cooperation : Daiko electric co.,ltd. , Fer Travail
Photo : Kozo Takayama

ファミリーブランドの「GLOBALWORK」、レディスブランドの「LEPSIM LOWRYS FARM」、雑貨を扱う「inmercanto」の3ブランドを扱う約700㎡の大型複合店舗。

Fashion outlet for three brands-family brand "GLOBALWORK", lady's brand "LEPSIM LOWRYS FARM"and interior items label "inmercanto"-boasting 700㎡.
By placing "inmercanto" at the center of the shop, design of the interior allows customers to wander about to see all the different brands. Plants are installed over the facade and at the back of the counter as an icon of this shop, giving the space a feeling of open-air market.