Global Work

Date : January,2013
Category : Retail
Location : Lazona Kawasaki plaza
Cooperation : Daiko electric co.,ltd.
Photo : Kozo Takayama

2012年A/W~のGLOBAL WORK新規提案デザイン。

New concept store starting Autumn 2012 for a fashion label GLOBAL WORK.
Starting from reconsidering the brand’s running theme which is ‘American Casual’, we based our design on West Coast.Image of freedom, undisguised, openness, joy, peace, sunshine, breeze, which conjures up the image of West Coast together with images associated with GLOBAL WORK brand such as smile, communion, oasis, natural, family, outdoor, safeness, analogue, brought us the concept of ‘crafting together a place to gather.’The concept of crafting together our home-base is emphasized by using plain, rugged structural timbers, while wide-spanning range of fashion items are arranged in an easy-to-find way by devising small compartments using box type fixed furniture. Temporary displays in the corner are designed to be changed seasonally when the new collection arrives, while Blue container in the center of the shop will remain permanent to strengthen the brand’s identity.